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#EdLdrsRock Ferrantes (Monterey Marriott) Digital Badging Ferrantes (Monterey Marriott)Burt Lo Makerspace Ferrantes (Monterey Marriott) A Balanced Assessment System: Leveraging the Full Suite of CAASPP Components to Support Year-round Teaching and Learning Steinbeck III (Monterey Conference Center)Michelle Center • Barbara Murchison A Demonstration ELD Summer School Model Focusing on LTELs and Professional Learning San Carlos IV (Monterey Marriott)Karin Linn-Nieves Adventures in STEAM: Transitioning from a Science Fair to an Interactive STEAM Showcase Bonsai I (Portola Hotel)Anna Van Dordrecht Art-Centered Literacy for Equity San Carlos II (Monterey Marriott)Derek Fenner Building System Coherence Through Site-Administrators' Networks Steinbeck I (Monterey Conference Center)Robin Hall Collaborative Leadership: 6 Influences That Matter Most De Anza II (Portola Hotel)Peter DeWitt Creating MTSS: The Story of Two Districts Steinbeck II (Monterey Conference Center)Pamela Tyson, PhD Empowering Student Voices 2.0 San Carlos III (Monterey Marriott)Scott Pierce Let's Stop Doing Things That Don't Work and Really Close the Achievement Gap San Carlos I (Monterey Marriott)Barbara Nemko CUE - Present Like a Rock Star Colton III (Monterey Conference Center)Jon Corippo • Cate Tolnai No Red Ink Colton II (Monterey Conference Center)No Red Ink Implementing a Multi-Tiered System of Support at the Secondary Level Serra Ballroom (Monterey Conference Center)Dr. Matt Coleman SPOTLIGHT! Education for Transformation: Keys to Equity & Accountability De Anza I (Portola Hotel)Dr. Chike Akua Introduction to Improvement Science: A Learning-by-Doing Simulation (DOUBLE SESSION) De Anza III (Portola Hotel)Barbara Shreve


#EdLdrsRock Ferrantes (Monterey Marriott) Breakout EDU Colton I (Monterey Conference Center)Delaine Johnson Digital Badging Ferrantes (Monterey Marriott)Burt Lo Makerspace Ferrantes (Monterey Marriott) All in for SEL! Creating a Coherent Approach Across Learning Environments Steinbeck I (Monterey Conference Center)Michael Funk Believe Every Student Can: Three Strategies That Promote and Foster Growth Mindset in Every Learner and Leader San Carlos III (Monterey Marriott)Chelsea McClellan Leveraging the School Library for Equity, Coherence, and Continuous Improvement San Carlos II (Monterey Marriott)Jonathan Hunt Navigating Instructional Shifts in ELA San Carlos I (Monterey Marriott)Karin Foster Parent and Community Engagement Strategies for Increased Academic Achievement in Alternative Educational Settings Bonsai I (Portola Hotel)Felipe Vasquez SBAC Accessibility Tools with a Continuous Improvement Mindset Steinbeck II (Monterey Conference Center)Rick Phelan Student Self-Efficacy: Charting the Course to Success De Anza II (Portola Hotel)Kristin Anderson Understand, Utilize, and Leverage Data in the California School Dashboard Steinbeck III (Monterey Conference Center)Jenny Singh Using Maker Experience to Accelerate NGSS and Integrated ELD Learning San Carlos IV (Monterey Marriott)Jenn Guerrero Cyberhigh Colton III (Monterey Conference Center)Cyber High Horizon Test Prep - Moving from College Ready, to College Eligible Colton II (Monterey Conference Center)Dustin Bainbridge • Jamie Valenzuela-Mumau



#EdLdrsRock Ferrantes (Monterey Marriott) Breakout EDU Colton I (Monterey Conference Center)Delaine Johnson Digital Badging Ferrantes (Monterey Marriott)Burt Lo Makerspace Ferrantes (Monterey Marriott) Charting the Future of Our Democracy! Building Civic Competencies for All Students Bonsai I (Portola Hotel)David W. Gordon Coaching Systems for Continuous Improvement: Creating an Organization-Wide Coaching Mindset Steinbeck I (Monterey Conference Center)Jennifer Hicks DataZone = Data Relief! San Carlos IV (Monterey Marriott)Marcy Lauck Deepening Your Equity Impact: Why 'College Ready' Isn't Enough De Anza II (Portola Hotel)Gary Howard Demonstration of Increasing and Improving Services for Unduplicated Students Steinbeck III (Monterey Conference Center)Josh Daniels • Sujie Shin Equity in School Discipline: Don't Suspend Me! Steinbeck II (Monterey Conference Center)Jessica Hannigan • John Hannigan Flexible Seating: Creating Equitable Learning Environments One Chair at a Time San Carlos II (Monterey Marriott)Falhon Ferguson Needing to Fill Long-Term Substitute Positions? Try the TPSL! San Carlos III (Monterey Marriott)Christine Sisco Shifts in Supporting District Improvement De Anza III (Portola Hotel)Melissa Chabran The Digital Education Platform: Diversifying Methods of Learning San Carlos I (Monterey Marriott)Jason Matsumoto California Jump$tart - Personal Financial Literacy is Critical for Educators Colton III (Monterey Conference Center)Cathy Washer Curriculum Associates - Strategies for Facilitating Rich Conversations in the Discourse-Driven Mathematics Classroom Colton II (Monterey Conference Center)Ricardo Ruiz




Breakout EDU Colton I (Monterey Conference Center)Delaine Johnson Beyond Principal Supervision: Building a System of Support for Principal Success San Carlos III (Monterey Marriott)Dr. Stephen Fink Close Reading and How We Sabotage Comprehension with Scaffolds San Carlos I (Monterey Marriott)Chanda Rowley Differentiated Assistance for Continuous Improvement Steinbeck III (Monterey Conference Center)Martin Frolli • Jean Madden-Cazares • Charlene Stringham • Dan Wolfson Engaging the Disengaged Steinbeck II (Monterey Conference Center)Diana Velasquez Introducing the California Performance Assessment for Administrators (CalAPA): What You Can Do to Support Equity Driven Leadership Development Bonsai I (Portola Hotel)Amy Reising Learning Cycles: Using Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycles to Structure Learning De Anza III (Portola Hotel)Alicia Grunow Power Up Your PLC: Learner-Centric Teacher Teams San Carlos IV (Monterey Marriott)Katherine Goyette Rapid Improvement Through Design Thinking Within a Community of Practice Steinbeck I (Monterey Conference Center)Eric Frandsen Stand Together in Partnership: Community as a Partner for Continuous Improvement San Carlos II (Monterey Marriott)Ingrid Lainez Roberson What’s New with B.E.L.I.E.F.? Blueprints for Effective Leadership and Instruction for Our English Learners’ Future De Anza I (Portola Hotel)Denise Harshman, Ed.D Youth Equity Stewardship: Growing Intergenerational Collaboration in Equity Work De Anza II (Portola Hotel)Wade Antonio Colwell • Benjie Howard
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#EdLdrsRock Ferrantes (Monterey Marriott) Breakout EDU Colton I (Monterey Conference Center)Delaine Johnson Makerspace Ferrantes (Monterey Marriott) Academic Leadership at Schools: A Look at Self-Efficacy and the Role of Principals San Carlos I (Monterey Marriott)Scott Dille Charting Our Journey to MTSS - One School's Journey From Discovery to Implementation of MTSS De Anza III (Portola Hotel)Marcy Cashin Connecting Classroom and Community: Arts Strategies to Support Family and Community Engagement San Carlos II (Monterey Marriott)Aaron Bryan Dashboard to Desk: Making Sense of "Distance From Level 3" and Its Application to the Classroom Steinbeck III (Monterey Conference Center)Jim Southwick Dial-in to Access and Equity De Anza II (Portola Hotel)Scott Pierce Escorting Students Through Open Doors San Carlos III (Monterey Marriott)Trudy Arriaga Getting Traction on Integrated ELD: One County Office of Education; One Site Approach San Carlos IV (Monterey Marriott)Marnie Lynch Opportunity Matters: Creating Equity in Alternative Education Schools Bonsai II (Portola Hotel)LaShonda Taylor Structuring Systems for Continuous Mentor Improvement Bonsai I (Portola Hotel)Kimberly Lilienthal The Four Keys to Readiness: Implementing a Holistic Vision for All Students Steinbeck II (Monterey Conference Center)Dr. Matt Coleman Curriculum Associates - Scaling Blended Learning with i-Ready Colton II (Monterey Conference Center)Dave Kootman Teacher Created Materials Colton III (Monterey Conference Center)Teacher Created Materials Digital Badging Ferrantes (Monterey Marriott)Burt Lo Theory to Practice: Taking Critical Race Theory to School De Anza I (Portola Hotel)Nancy Dome SPOTLIGHT! Networked Communities Engaged in Improvement Science: How We Can Get Better at Getting Better Steinbeck I (Monterey Conference Center)Dr. Paul LeMahieu


#EdLdrsRock Ferrantes (Monterey Marriott) Digital Badging Ferrantes (Monterey Marriott)Burt Lo Makerspace Ferrantes (Monterey Marriott) CANCELED - Building Capacity with PBIS and Restorative Practices San Carlos II (Monterey Marriott) Coaching Teachers to Instructional Excellence Steinbeck II (Monterey Conference Center)Krista Herrera, Ed.D Creating a School Culture That Sparks Passion, Engagement, and Achievement San Carlos IV (Monterey Marriott)Amy Besler, Ed.D. Future Focused Leaders: Relate, Innovate, and Invigorate for Real Educational Change San Carlos III (Monterey Marriott)Bill Zeigler How California Center on Teaching Careers Can Support Teacher Quality and Effectiveness Bonsai I (Portola Hotel)Donna Glassman-Sommer Innovation Equity Through Personalized Learning Using Three Key Instructional Shifts Steinbeck III (Monterey Conference Center)Andrée Grey Mendota High School Newcomer Pathway Bonsai II (Portola Hotel)Manuel Bautista Resources and Strategies to Support a Coherent Preschool Through grade 3 Continuum San Carlos I (Monterey Marriott)Cecelia Fisher-Dahms Response to Intervention: A School-Wide Approach De Anza II (Portola Hotel)Hiedi Witcher Shifting into Implementation De Anza III (Portola Hotel)Allison Granger CUE CraftED - Open Pedagogy and UDL Combined for Powerful Learning in ELA Classes Colton III (Monterey Conference Center)Cate Tolnai Horizon Test Prep - Moving from College Ready, to College Eligible Colton II (Monterey Conference Center)Dustin Bainbridge • Jamie Valenzuela-Mumau